Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Darwinism and Homosexuality

I am puzzled that I live in a society where major contradictions are demanded of us, by the culture at large and by the government.  The federal government demands that teachers proclaim the theory of evolution as fact to students.  Forget for now that Darwinism is poor theory, both philosophically and scientifically.  No teacher in the government schools is allowed to even mention as creationism as even an option as to the origin of the universe and, more specifically, man.  Basically, Darwinian evolution claims natural selection, survival of the fittest, as the mechanism by which a genetic trait that benefits a species (and that “randomly” appeared in the DNA code of that species) is reproduced and passed on to the next generation for further evolving.  That is what evolution teaches.  Whatever trait that is useful must be transmitted to succeeding generations for that trait to survive and randomly mutate even more into better and more advanced species. 

But then my culture has been increasingly placing demands on my sensibilities by saying that we must embrace homosexuality as normal.  Several states have passed laws guaranteeing equal rights of marriage for homosexual couples.  The conventional thinking is that homosexual people are born this way, and therefore the lifestyle they practice must be accepted by culture as equal to heterosexual behavior. 

Just on a surface level, the problem is that homosexuals cannot reproduce; they never could.  How can the genetic code that makes someone a homosexual by birth still exist, if it ever even did?  According to pure Darwinism, there is no way homosexuality would have survived by natural selection, since the DNA for it would have been lost on the very first generation of homosexuals. 

If Darwinism is true, then how can anyone be born homosexual?  How can homosexuality be something that anyone is genetically predisposed toward?  These two cultural distinctives make a strange anomaly indeed.  I cannot understand.  Both philosophies cannot be true.  If Darwinism is true, then homosexuals cannot be born that way.  There must be some other explanation for it—like a learned behavior or one that is preferred by choice, but it is not a natural one.

Besides this, I think Darwinism is perhaps the biggest deception ever concocted.  Don’t even get me started.